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Date: 14th May 2016
45W Power Adapter T Tip
45W LAPTOP AC ADAPTER Input: AC100-240V (worldwide use) Output: 14.5V Output Current: 3.1A Power: 45W Smart device surge protection for over voltage,Website:, temperature and short-circuit protection Specifications: DC tip: Magsafe 5pin Comaptible Part Number: Compatible with Apple Parts Models: A1237 / A1304 / A1369 / A1244 Fit with the following Apple Laptop Models: Apple MacBook Air 11" and 13"? MacBook Air 3.2 Apple MacBook Air 13.3" inch laptops (CPU 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) MacBook Air 3.1 Apple MacBook Air 11.6" inch laptops (CPU 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo)? Remarks: Compatible only with MacBook Air Before 2012 laptop series MagSafe (not 14.85A 3.05A 45W A1436 A1465 A1466 model-MagSfe 2), they are different dc size, please confirm later then purchase.